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.*Like.we.never.loved.at.all*. [Monday
November 28th, 2005
[ mood | *-don't.feel.too.hott-* ]

Hey Guys*-

Sorry that i did not update yesterday and the day before...i was in south carolina and north carolina for turkey day..i had a good time..everything went great..i got home last night..school was school..nothing really happened today..boring..but tonight we have a game..we play elkorn city..but i am gonna go..i don't feel very good..

love ya*

Kay T

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Hey..just seeing if this works* [Friday
November 25th, 2005
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November 24th, 2005
3 Doors Down-Let Me Go

Music by "Everything..."
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*.Stay.with.me*. [Thursday
November 24th, 2005
[ mood | *my.tummy.hurts..:( ]

Hey ya'll!

sorry that i haven't updated in a few days..shew..a bunch of stuff has been going on..i kinda don't want to talk about it right now..but if u ask me later i may tell you...but anyways..i am in rock hill, south carolina...sittin' here with my cousin samantha..we're such retards..i know this is a little late to be telling you this..but we had a game tuesday and we played belfry middle school..they're cheerleaders were really good..but i think that we did better..the ball team won by like 30 points or somewhere around there..but i think that i am gonna go and do something.

i will try and update tomorow..cant promise i can though.

love ya*-


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.*I.hope.you.have.the.time.of.your.life*. [Tuesday
November 22nd, 2005
[ mood | *i'm.hungry*.lol ]


Well..i am lazy and do not feel like typing so..here is a few love quotes i found.

*Every girl wants a man, that she can go to in her sweats, hair a mess, make-up running down her face, eyes red from crying, and the first thing he says to her is "baby, your b e a u t i f u l" and means it!

*LOVE is when you think about that person more time in a day then you think about yourself.*

*Love is not finding some one you can live with, Its finding someone you cant live without!

*If kisses were raindrops, I'd send you showers. If hugs were minutes, I'd send you hours. If smiles were an ocean, I'd send you the sea. And if love was a person, I'd send u me

*Love is Love... Doesnt matter how long it lasts.... Enjoy it!!!! Many people never Love at all. Better to have Loved and Lost than have never Loved at all.


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-*Confessions.of.a.broken.heart*- [Thursday
November 17th, 2005
[ mood | -creative- ]


Omg!..i actually am updating two days in a row..thats a first.usaully i update every other week..i don't know,guess i am just bored.but anyways nothing really has happened today..umm..we had an assembly 3rd period and we had one 6th to the rest of the day..some guy form sports world came and talked to us..he is hilarious..ashley was volunteered to go up there and the guy made him act like a train and go "i think i can, i think i can".i laughed so hard i nearly cried..lol..but i think that over thanksgiving break, i am going to my aunt and uncle's house which is in charlette north craoline..i can't wait..and i think that my cousin samantha and her family are going to come too..its gonna be awesome...but i am gonna go and talk to megan and courtney on icq for a while

love ya bunches!*


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.*I'm.here.without.you*. [Wednesday
November 16th, 2005
[ mood | *-I.love.sos-* ]


Sorry haven't updated been busy..but this entry is gonna be pretty short because i am tired and have no desire to type alot..so here it goes..we had cheerleading practice today and we started to work on our new floor cheer..it is soo awesome..holly and hill are basing little savannah in a straight up full liberty..and it looks great..but our floor cheer has a lot attitude lol..but friday we have to cheer at Shelby Valley's blue and white night..that outta be fun..not really lol..but anyways i am gonna go and talk on icq for a little while.

loves ya*

here's something cute*

adopt your own virtual pet!

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November 11th, 2005
[ mood | really-.-tired ]

Hey Guys..I am leaving this morning for B.C.I this morning, and will not be back until sunday night..

so if you need me..call me 205-3392

love you all*


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*.I'll.be.your.crying.shoulder*. [Thursday
November 10th, 2005
[ mood | -.B.C.I.- YAY! ]


Gaw lee.It seems like I have not updated in centurys lol..maybe because i haven't..but anyways i just back from our game. It was blue and white night and the 8th graders played the faculty..just think about that lol..but i think that we won..not sure, they did not keep. I am so so excited..cause...we are leave for b.c.i tomrorow..it is gonna be soo much fun. I think that we are leaving at like 8:30 in the morning and then on the way there we are gonna stop at the mall..because the hotel is in florence and the mall is 2 miles from our hotel..now how cool is that?..haha..but i am gonna go and start packing..

love ya bunches*


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.*Nobody.gonna.love.me.better.i.must.stick.with.you*. [Thursday
November 3rd, 2005
[ mood | *.Happy*. ]


Sorry that i have not updated in a while..but nothing really has happened to write about..but ok on halloween i went to hollys and we hung out and stuff..it was pretty fun.all this week we have had cheerleading practice, we are getting ready for our first b-ball ..shew i can't wait till' the weekend after this..we are leaving friday and going to convington for a b-ball tourment!!yay!..me, holly, megan, courtney, and hillary are roomies..it is gonna be awesome..but i am gonna go and talk on icq for a while.

love ya* Kayla

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.*.Why.can't.he.see.what.is.right.in.front.of.him?.*. [Thursday
October 27th, 2005
[ mood | sad ]

Hey Guys..

Well ok alot has happened lately..starting with we had an dance and i was like depressed the whole time..it is too long to write..ask me and i will probaly tell you...but on a good note..the uk game is saturday..that will be awesome..well i am gonna go and talk on icq to some ppl i will update tomorow..

love ya*


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.*You.always.find.a.way.to.keep.me.right.here.waiting*. [Tuesday
October 25th, 2005
[ mood | .-Thinking.about.some.things-. ]


Well i decided to update because i am really bored..but anyways..nothing really happened today..oh yea it was crazy hair day..and let me tell you, some of those kids went all out with it...it was pretty funny..i only wore my hair in an side pony tail..and also it was like extremly cold outside..tomorow is hat day..and i think that me and courtney are going to wear our hats that we got a few days ago at dawhares..it is an cowboys hat and has uk on it..i love that hat...and thursday is the halloween dance..Woo Hoo!..i cant wait!..well i am gonna go and talk on the phone to holly..i will update tomorow..

love ya*-Kayla


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Hey*. [Monday
October 24th, 2005
[ mood | *i.love.sos* ]

Guys i am soo soo sorry that I have not updated in i don't even know how long...i have been so busy with cheerleading that i have had no time to do anything what so ever..but ok cheerleading has been going ok..i guess..sometimes i like it and sometimes i don't..i think that we are improving by each practice so that is good..shew you know what i was just thinking from here out i have no free weekend!..this staurday we are going to the uk football game..the football players and cheerleaders are going...i can't wait..and then the next weekend.i think that we have an game at johnson county and then that sunday i am going to the 3 doors down concert with courtney charles...that is going to be awesome...and then that next weekend i think we are leaving friday morning and going to convington for an basketball tourament..and we probaly won't get back until sunday evening..but on another note..i think that we are going on our 8th grade trip to new york!..we may go there for like three days and then go to washington for a few says but me i would just wether go to new york the whole time...but idk..i am gonna go and talk to megan on icq and do some assingment for carrers..

love ya* *i.love.sos-


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.*If.you.were.mine*. [Sunday
October 9th, 2005
[ mood | bored ]

Hey Sweeties*-

Shew i am so sorry that i have not updated in forever i have been gone like almost everyday and i have not had anytime to anything..lol..but anyways wednesday we had an game..i think?..and we won..so we are in the county game which is monday..we play elkorn..Then thursday we had cheerleading practice after school..after practice i went up hollys and we got ready to go to the valley game and mom picked us up..then after the game i went up hollys and stayed all night..and stayed there all day friday..then saturday courtney called me and wanted me to go out to pikeville with her so i went and we went to jcpennys and dawhares and walmart and mcdonanlds ...then we went to her papaws house and then came home..right now i am sitting here bored to death..well i am gonna go and watch t.v..

love ya. Kayla-

leave me some comments to show i am loved*-

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*.the.ghost.of.you.* [Sunday
October 2nd, 2005
[ mood | happy* ]

Hey Guys,

*Sorry that i have not updated in a few days..but i will just tell ya about it..friday we went on a trip to jenny wiley and stayed there all day and played outside and stuff..then saturday holly came and picked me up and we went to apple days ..we went to one of her mom's co-worker's house and they like lived right in front of apple days and the parade..so me and holly ate and then we went and watched the parade..it was pretty cool..then after that we went and walked areound and looked at stuff and we bought like rings mine was some stone called mother of pearl?..or sumthin..but it was really pretty..after that we left apple days and went and dropped holly's sister whitney off at her dorm and then we went to the mexican and ate..and then after that at like 7:00 we went to walmart and stayed there until like 11:40..me and holly got our halloween costumes and they are sooo cute..i love em'..and then we got matching pajama pants.and they are soo cute..then left walmart and came home and like went right to bed because i was soo pooped and my legs hurt from walking all day..right now i am sitting here talking on icq and watching a football game. i am gonna go and get ready to go to my mamaws.*

love ya bunches*

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.*your.just.the.best.i.ever.had*. [Wednesday
September 28th, 2005
[ mood | I.love.sos* ]

Hey Hotties*-

Today was soo fun..after school the cheerleaders hosted an open gym to fundraise for uniforms and it went actually pretty good and it was fun too..but other than that nothing else happened..oh yea i forgot we had an game last night and it was fun..me, holly, and megan hung out mostly..we won though ..the score was i think 32 to 0..lol..but tomomorow is 8th grade night maybe..there not for sure yet..and we play belfry..and they are supposed to be really good..so everyone please come out and support your team!!..well i am gonna go and talk on icq for a lil bit..



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*.whats.shakin.* [Saturday
September 24th, 2005
[ mood | *ditzy ]

Hey ya'll*.

sorry that i have not updated in like forever..stuff has been coming up and i just have not had time to update..but anyways school has been going great lately..and cheerleading has too..we are getting these awesome uniforms and i love em..we had an game thursday and we played elkorn..they were undeafeated and we beat them..which was very cool..after the game we went to dairy cheer and got our food and left and ate on the bus..me,holly,and megan made an new friend..his name isn johnothan but we call him boob..inside joke lol.i am soo excited about tomororw i am going to hollys and it is going to be soo much fun. well i am gonna go..

love ya bunches*-

Kayla*-(holly's fizzle, and meggie-poo's kaywa)*

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*-ill.be.with.you.until.the.very.end-* [Monday
September 19th, 2005
[ mood | .*loved*. ]

Hey*.Sorry that i have not updated in forever.i have been really really busy with school and cheerleading..well saturday was the coke bowl and we played grundy and beat them 14-0..So it was an good game..after that i came home and got ready and mindy and holly came and picked me and mom up and we went to the mexican..then after that we went to the movies and me and holly watched the exorcism of emily rose..it was an ok movie i guess..a few parts kinda freaked me out..but some of the parts were hilarious and me and holly were like the only ones in the theater who laughed..lol.then after the movies we went and saw whitney (holly's sister) at her dorm..i also got to meet her boyfriend rob who is really cool..then after that we went to dairy queen and me and holly got moolattes..aww..there soo awesome.well i am gonna go and find out what i am wearing for picture day tomorrow and listen to music for a while.*

.Kayla. *i.love.sos*

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.*Wake.me.up.when.September.ends*. [Sunday
September 11th, 2005
[ mood | -can't.wait.till.tomorow- ]

Hey*.Nothing much has happened today..jus being bored and laying out in the sun is all..tomororow is varsity court and i can not wait..and i am leaving school at 2:00 and i am getting my nails done and my makeup done and my hair done..and it is going to be soo much fun..zach made me this awesome layout..i love it..thanks so much zach*love ya-but i am gonna go and talk on icq for a while..then start getting ready for tomrorow.



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.*Love.is.a.battlefield*. [Saturday
September 10th, 2005
[ mood | *.Happy*. ]

Hey*.sorry that i have not updated in a while..i just have been really busy with football games and cheerleading that i have just not had anytime to do nothing else.but nothing important has happened latley..but omg! monday is varsity court and i am soooo excited..it is going to be awesome..i can't wait..friday we went on an field trip to the mac and saw the diary of anne frank..it was soo depressing and it made you feel like crap..lol..but i am gonna go and talk to meggie-poo and chase on icq..

love ya*.Kayla

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